Party Maschine June 21st

Updated: Jun 24, 2018

I am so excited to drop Party Maschine today, its been one hell of a ride!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I knew I wanted to create my own music so I gave myself a deadline of June 21st and created a Global Virtual Album Release Party event page on #FaceBook. I figured if I put it out there in front of my friends and family, I would have no choice but to complete the project, and complete it I did!

I would Like to mention a few contributors , first of all I would like to thank my better half Michelle for giving me time and space to complete the album, and also for helping me write "Your Paradise". Thank you for buying me my #MaschineMK3 for Christmas 2017.


Next I would like to thank #ChannelForbus of the "Mr. Incredible Show" on the Universe Miami Network. This guy has done so much for my music career and is a Tech GOD! Thank you for the bangin beat that you provided for "Cant Stop Wont Stop".

Next I would like to thank long time friend and family Don Tsiyyon for being a #Tech GOD as well and for collaborating with me on "Paint A Picture". This song was a total experiment to see if we could produce a song while being in two different states, I guess it worked! (LOL)

Next up is one of the calmest coolest dudes I've met in South Florida, Mr. Bottle Heaven himself Anthony Dee the (Bottle God). I asked him to jump on a track with me and he said yes, boy was i relieved! He heard "Party Maschine" and said "that is the one". A couple of hours later it was a wrap! Thanks Bro!!!!!

Lastly I would like to thank my stylist Laurie Phoenix Niewidok of Skirtzophrenic for my one of a kind clothing featured in "Your Paradise" & "Paint A Picture". YOU ROCK!!!

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