Music & Art South of Sunrise

It is with great pleasure that I come back home (MASS District) to spin a 3 hour set for my very close friends and supporters. MASS holds a special place in my heart as it is one of the achievements in my life that I am most proud of. MASS wasn't something that I planned, it just happened. I know its cliche but I was in the rite place at the rite time "Literally". What most people don't know is that when we were cultivating a brand - identity, it was one of my poorest moments in life. I was busy for 2 years doing civic work for #MASS and the Flagler Village Civic Association. Stephanie Leyden and I had the little engine that could Art Attack and while she was busy generating income, I was running around all over Fort Lauderdale spreading the message of #MASSDistrict and recruiting new members. At that time I learned a ton about marketing, advertising, politics and the history of not only #Flagler but of Fort Lauderdale as a whole from my mentors Dylan Lagi and the late Ron Centimore.

MASS was a critical fork in the road for my personal growth, MASS reiterated to me that although money is very important it is so very important to serve your life's purpose. What I lacked in money at the time was definitely eclipsed by the "LOVE" that I get till this day whenever I show up. It is through MASS that I found my way to live my dream as a full-time working DJ, sometimes I still cant believe that my career is making people happy through music. So it is with great pleasure that I come "HOME" and spin in the place that I truly call home. MASS District (Music & Art South Of Sunrise) home of some of my favorite people on earth is a district of creatives & businesses with a vested interest in the community & economic development of Fort Lauderdale through the arts.

So come out and meet Jorge & Veronica Mora owners of Tula Bistro, with exhibiting celebrity artist & fashion designer Kenneth Ruiz of Magchop Art, while I spin a 3 hour set providing a musical backdrop for my MASS District family. I want to thank everyone and anyone who has ever opened a door for me to walk through so I can serve my purpose!